Podcast: This Couple Does What? Getting to Know Jason & Tanja Mackenzie

mackenzie (1)

Kristina and Josh are excited to introduce the Couple’s Q&A, a list of questions they have developed to interview couples about being mom & dad and husband & wife.

In each episode, which features the Couples Q&A, we will learn things about other couples, like how they met, what the like and dislike about their kids. We talk about parenting styles, marriage norms, sex, the division of labor, and so much more with interesting couples all over the world. Continue reading

Podcast Episode 6: Pet Peeves In The Marriage


This week Josh and Kristina try to avoid an argument while they talk about Pet Peeves in their marriage. From socks on the floor to not flushing the toilet, they share the top 15 pet peeves in a marriage, according to a recent Psychology Today blog (www.psychologytoday.com) Continue reading