Podcast: Love in all 5 Languages


This episode husband and wife host, Josh  & Kristina Long talk about their experience with the “5 Love Languages”. Kristina takes the Love Language Assesment and they challenge each other to talk all 5 languages, one day at a time.

They invite all of us to join them in the week-long “Love in all 5 Languages” challenge. Learn more about it at the Mom & Dad Club’s website at www.momdadclub.com

The 5 Love Languages was created and trademarked by Gary Chapman

Take the 5 Love Languages® official assessment to discover your love language and begin improving your relationships.

Your love language profile will explain your primary love language, what it means, and how you can use it to connect to others.

Join more than 15 million people who have already improved their relationships by discovering your love language.

To learn more about Gary and the 5 Love Languages visit www.5lovelanguages.com

Join the Mom & Dad Club’s private facebook group at www.facebook.com/groups/themomdadclub

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